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07495 774968 / 07925 533406

Claire Stemp and Joanne Wood

About Us

We are Claire Stemp and Joanne Wood of Baby Bird Midwifery Team, our vision of offering midwifery additional care has been nearly a year in the making by gathering research, a business plan and strengthening our strategies to offer our clients the type of additional midwifery services we feel are required by families at such an important stage in their lives.

Our ethos is to deliver a cost effective, professional, caring, kind and encouraging private additional midwifery practice. Our aim is to give empowerment to parents to be / new parents, with the latest evidence informed practice, skills and encouragement they need to set themselves on the pathway to care for their precious baby.

As midwives, while working for the NHS, we have collectively worked in various areas of all of the maternity services and have always passionately delivered our care to all hospital/community patients and always received positive, genuine gratitude from the new families we have cared for. We are both true advocates for women and their families and embellish the opportunity to work privately with families seeking a relaxed, informed and non-time restrictive care with our offered sessions.

Not only are we Midwives, but we are both mum’s ourselves with a collective amount of seven children between us! We were both mothers first, prior to becoming qualified midwives and we both know from experience how challenging at times pregnancy can be. We also remember as well how as new parents leaving the security of health professionals with a mixture of emotions; from excitement, anxiousness and feeling daunted with those first few day’s home when leaving the hospital and “going it alone,” with your new family addition and no call bell to seek advice from a midwife early hours in the morning!

For mother’s struggling to feed their babies with either confidence struggles, discomfort from labour combined with sheer tiredness, can all be contributing factors causing feeding issues. We at Baby Bird Midwifery Team, understand these struggles, and offer feeding support and guidance in the comfort of your own home. We can even operate an overnight stay with you and your family, so we can be their supporting you at the most vital stage overnight and early hours so that you’re not alone.

If you would like any of our professional, fully insured services please contact us via email or call us to book or discuss with us any further questions you have regarding our services. We are here to help empower you and assist you on your way with supported parenting.